What we do

Major Waste Recycle

Residential Curbside Pickup

Need to get rid of household waste?

Call us for weekly pickup service that’s simple, cost effective and convenient.

We take extra items, such as; carpeting, furniture, appliances, construction debris, and anything that is not normally put out weekly, for an additional charge.

(sorry we cannot list  all items considered “extra or bulk” – call our office to arrange and our customer service representatives will be happy to answer any questions).

Curbside Recycle Pickup

We offer commingled curbside recycling. Toss all recyclables items into one container to make it more convenient. Choose between a variety of container sizes.

Yard Waste Pickup

Call our office to see if we do yard waste and leaf pickup in your area!  Major Waste also offers separate containers for yard waste debris, such as; grass clippings, leaves, and tree limbs. 

Residential Yard Waste Collection starts May 1 and ends November 30

Note: yard waste can not be disposed of or set out with your regular household trash – containers for these items are separate – container rental sizes vary depending on location.

Bulk Item Removal

Call or email our office ahead of your regular scheduled pick up to schedule removal of larger items – furniture, carpeting, appliances, mattresses, etc.

Commercial Pickups

waste removal and recycling services for your business

Regularly scheduled service for large and small businesses, along with multi-family locations. We offer both Rear and Front load containers for distinct sized spaces. 1-8 yard containers available.
Lake County , Geauga County, Cuyahoga County, Ashtabula County.

Commercial Recycling

We provide custom recycling programs that are suitable for your business.

business containers

Roll-off Containers Available

Major Waste Yard Waste
Commercial Pick-up

Offering 10 - 40 yard Containers

  • 10 yard – 8.5 X 12.5 ft long, 4 ft tall
    approximately 4 pickup truck loads

  • 15 yard – 8.5 X 15 ft long, 4 ft tall
    approximately 6 pickup truck loads

  • 20 yard – 8.5 X 22 ft long, 4 ft tall
    approximately 8 pickup truck loads

  • 30 yard – 8.5 X 22 ft long, 6 ft tall
    approximately 12 pickup truck loads

  • 40 yard – 8.5 X 22 ft long, 7 ft tall
    approximately 16 pickup truck loads

servicing within a 50 mile radius of our office

  • Construction Sites
  • Roofing
  • Garage Clean Out
  • House Cleanup
  • House Tear Down
  • Yard Waste
  • Home Remodeling

All of our roll-offs have rear entry doors with a floor height of 10″ and dimensions are measured from the inside unless otherwise mentioned.

Locations Available

We serve Lake, Geauga, Cuyahoga and Ashtabula counties for roll-off containers.

Yard Waste

We haul yard waste in 10, 15, 20, 30 or 40 yard roll-off containers only. It must be clean yard waste for recycling purposes and cannot be mingled with other trash:

  • No dirt
  • No rocks
  • No treated wood
  • No brick or concrete
  • No trash

Roofing Waste

When roofing, keep in mind . . .

  • 3 bundles equals 1 square.
  • 1 square covers a 10’ by 10’ area.

Do you have 2—or maybe even 3—layers of shingles?  Then you must double or triple your estimate. Instead of 20 squares, for instance, you could have 40 or 60 squares.


  • A 10-yard container will fit up to 20 squares of shingles.
  • A 15-yard container will fit up to 30 squares of shingles.
  • A 20-yard container will fit up to 40-48 squares of shingles.

* This is if the container is loaded evenly with shingles only

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I consider in protecting our driveway?
Be aware of weight on your driveways – particularly cement driveways—to avoid cracking. Sorry, we are not responsible for damage to your driveway.  But don’t get discouraged, there is usually a way to resolve this problem.

How can I put roll-off containers on asphalt?
When placing roll-off containers on asphalt, 2” by 6” pieces of wood at least 4’ long should be placed under the wheels of the roll-off, so as not to sink into the asphalt.

What about concrete?
When placing on concrete, wood is not always necessary, but it could help avoid slight scratching. If any scratching occurs at all, it usually wears off.

Any other concerns? These are pretty heavy trucks.
Be aware of septic tanks and underground piping that could get damaged if the truck needs to drive through your yard.

How should the load be prepared?
When loading the container, the load must be level with the top of the container. Nothing can stick out of the side of the container.  We must tarp the load (it’s the law!). We need to be safe.

Can you handle construction waste?
We have 20-, 30- and 40-yard containers available for demolition and larger construction jobs. For new home construction or remodeling, 10- and 15-yard containers are commonly used.

All containers should be paid for at the time of drop-off using cash or check or at the time of order with a credit card