Think Ahead

Think Green

Recycling Made Easier

All-In-One Recycle

Major Waste Recycle

One Container Fits Most

Recycling at home should be easy and effortless

We offer a variety of different sized containers to fit all of your recyclables. Just toss them all into one container and we’ll take care of the rest! Once compacted in our yard we haul all recyclables to kimble for sorting and follow their recycle guidelines.

Keep it Simple

Items that can be recycled


Junk Mail, Newspaper, Magazines, Office Paper, Phone Books


Cardboard Boxes, Milk Cartons, Frozen Food Boxes, Poster Board, File Folders


Only clean, empty plastic bottles and jugs are accepted. Please do not crush bottles and keep lids on. No other plastic items are accepted, even if they have a recycle logo

Aluminum & Metal

Aluminum Beverage Cans, Food Cans


Beverage Containers, Glass Color Includes: Clear, Green, Brown

Keep "em Loose

Items that are not Accepted

Please avoid the following items:

Wood, Wax Cartons, Paint Cans, Anti-Freeze, Batteries, Light Bulbs, Motor Oil Containers, Hoses, Wire Hangers, Plastic Bags, Styrofoam, Christmas Lights, Toys, Plastic Utensils, Plastic Furniture, Yard Waste.